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A tour around the monumental places of Zaragoza.


We leave the hotel with the group at the appointed time and go for a walk around the historic district of Zaragoza, a city which with its more than 2,000 years old will wonder the visitor.
You have the option of doing the visit using our radio-guide system. Visitors carry a small radio allowing them to listen to the guide’s explanations easily on a 50 metres reach.

During the tour we will stop at Plaza San Felipe, a good example of how the city has grown and different architectural styles have coexisted: torreón Fortea, from the 15th century, Renaissance palace of the Arguillos, nowadays the seat of Pablo Gargallo Museum, the baroque Church of San Felipe and the remains of the Torre Nueva, one of the most characteristic builidings on the city.

We will visit as well the old Roman Theatre, where the different cultures that inhabited the city left their traces: Muslims, Jews and Christians.

We will stop at Plaza del Justicia, where we will find the Church of Santa Isabel de Portugal, an aragonese princess who was born in our city. All along the tour we will see many different renaissance and modernist palaces.

Next we will walk through Plaza del Pilar where there are the most outstanding buildings of the city: the Town Hall, Lonja de Mercaderes, Goya’s monument, and will visit the Basilica del Pilar, the Marian temple devoted to the Virgin Mary under the name of Nuestra Señora del Pilar. Inside the Basilica we still find the pillar the virgin gave to Saint James on his way to Santiago de Compostela.





We will finally pass through Plaza de las Catedrales, visiting the Roman Wall, the modernist market, and the curious Church of San Juan de los Panetes with its leaning tower.

The visit will conclude in Plaza de las Catedrales, where we will finish our services.