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ACUARIO – El mayor acuario fluvial de Europa




This aquarium contains about 5.000 specimens from 300 species of the different rivers in the five continents. These specimens are distributed through 60 bowls and terrariums.

It is the only aquarium in Spain containing a rich combination of water specimens: reptiles, mammals and amphibians. The Fluvial Aquarium of Saragossa is one of the 3 most important inland water aquariums in the world.

Visitors will discover a rich variety of fauna through the natural tour that leads us around the five largest rivers of the planet (the Nile, Mekong, Amazon, Darling Murray and Ebro) connected with each other through the River of the World, which symbolizes the origin of the world and establishes the relationship between the five continents: Pangaea.

The Nile River shows its species from the great lakes to its delta. Passing through the narrow pass of the Himalayas we arrive in the Mekong River where we find different species from its upper to its lower basin, and the Pacific Ocean
with the coral reefs.

The Amazon River shows the variety of its fauna and rainforest together with the Atlantic and the Darling Murray River takes us from the desert areas to the flooded ones. The Ebro River is the main protagonist in this aquarium, with its diverse elements: the sotos andgalachos (natural formations made by the river) and limestone caves.