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Ordesa National Park – Routes

Pradera de Ordesa – Gradas de Soaso – Cola de Caballo.


This classic route is the most popular. The route starts on Pradera de Ordesa (1,301m), then we have to take the track to the left and then when the track forks we have to go to the right and cross the forest. When we cross this forest, we see a waterfall, Arripas (1,400m). On the right side there is a small bridge through which we can go back to the starting point. If we continue following the track we find two beautiful waterfalls, La Cueva and El Estrecho (1,480m). From this point we continue to the beech wood and find a refuge. At the end of this forest we find the waterfalls of Gradas de Soaso (1,778m).


If we continue through the plains we arrive in Circo de Soaso where we find a refuge from which the top of Monte Perdido, Cilindro and Sound de Ramond are visible. At the bottom of Circo de Soaso we find the waterfall called Cola de Caballo (1,787m). On the way back we can follow the track of Faja Pelay – Senda de cazadores from Cola de Caballo.

Total duration: 2h 50min.

Pradera de Ordesa – Senda Cazadores – Faja Pelay – Cola de Caballo

Duración 4 horas

On this route we must follow the track because its ravines are dangerous on winter. We can see a beautiful panoramic of the canyon. It is the second popular route, starting on Pradera de Ordesa and taking the track to the right we cross the river and take Senda de Cazadores. One hour and a half later we arrive to Calcilarruego viewpoint from which we can see one of the best views of Cañon de Ordesa, Circo de Cotatuero, Carriata, Tozal del Mallo, etc.

Then we move eastwards on a plain area to arrive in a refuge. The route ends when we arrive in Cola de Caballo. We can go back to Pradera de Ordesa following the first route.

Total duration: 6h. 45min.



Pradera Ordesa – Refugio Goriz – Monte Perdido (West side)

We must take route nº1 previously described; from the wooden bridge of Cola de Caballo we can take the slope to Soaso or we can go through the old track of “zeta” or “mulos”. We arrive in Goriz where we can stop and spend the night in the refuge. Next we follow northwards leaving on our left side Goriz ravine and we arrive in Lago Helado. We have to take the track on the right until we get to the top of Monte Perdido.



Circo de Carriata – Faja las Flores – Circo Cotatuero – Pradera Ordesa

This route starts next to “Casa Oliván”, 300m from Pradera de Ordesa. We through the marked track up to Circo de Carriata and then we follow all straight up to Paso de la Fajeta. Here we can choose either to follow the left track and go the top of Tozal del Mallo (2,280m) or keep going northwards to Salarons, from where we take northeast direction to Faja de las Flores and Gallinero. Here we can see one of the best views of the valley.