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 AINSA (Huesca provincia)



Aínsa is the perfect place to start some of the most attractive tourist routes through the northern part of Aragón. Located at 580m over the sea level, it surprises the visitor carrying him away to ancient times, because Aínsa preserves its medieval magnetism with its square surrounded by porticos and its cobblestone streets The town was declared Conjunto Histórico-Artístico (Historic-Artistic Site) in 1965. Nowadays, it is a relevant centre of tourism in Spain.


The original nucleus of the town, which is located on a promontory on the binding of the rivers Cinca and Ara, consists of two parallel streets and a main square which lies together with the castle. In front of it there is an esplanade, where a legend sets there the miracle of the appearance of the cross-fire on a tree called carrasca, which gave the victory to the Christian troops under the command of King Garcí Ximénez.






The festivities of Aínsa will turn the visitor back in time to the middle Ages.